DIY Bed Deck

For those of you interested in a bed deck system for your truck, but don’t want to pay Goose Gear prices, this is for you!

Reasons for a deck system over drawers comes down to three things;

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Modularity

The materials and tools were covered in the last post, but for midsize trucks w/5′ beds you can complete everything with one 4×8′ sheet of 1/2 plywood. Please look at photos on L4EC’s Instagram for more details.

Build Process:

Wood Prep


  1. Measure and cut Base plate to length.
  2. Cut fender wells into deck. *Driver side piece will be used as fridge guard.
  3. Cut optional square for driver’s side bed stiffener.
  4. Measure fridge slider and cut.
  5. Cut Notch for fridge slide lever.
  6. Cut rear fridge plate
  7. If using a National Luna Portable battery pack, cut out base for tray.

Router w/ radius bit

  1. Tailgate edge from Driver’s edge to edge of fridge plate.
  2. Top rear edge of fridge tray. (nearest to tailgate)
  3. If building battery tray, router top inner and outer edge for top piece.
  4. Top outer edge of fridge guard plates.

Router with cutting bit

  1. Cut underside of fridge tray to fit L- brackets.
  2. If using bed stiffeners, mill spots for rear most bed bolts and notch passenger side for Total Chaos Bed stiffener.

Mock up/ Drilling/ T-nuts

  1. Measure and mark holes for bed bolts.
  2. Clamp Fridge plate to deck plate w/L-brackets in place.
  3. Clamp side plate to L-Bracket.
  4. Set 48″ Aircraft track next to fridge side plate, so that it is touching.
  5. Set Drivers Aircraft track on outer edge of bed deck.
  6. Mark and drill all holes for Aircraft track and bed bolts.
  7. Remove all items from bed deck and flip deck over.
  8. Over drill holes for installation of T-nuts.
  9. Press fit t-nuts.
  10. Flip Bed deck back over.
  11. Using a 1/4-20 bolt and fender washer, tighten T-nuts into deck.

Fridge Plate and slider install

*There is more that one way to do this, but I suggest gluing the plate before drilling.

  1. Clean surface of bed deck and bottom of fridge plate.
  2. Apply wood glue to bottom of fridge plate.
  3. Place fridge plate onto bed deck being sure to align edges.
  4. Clamp fridge plate to bed deck. ** I placed a 40 pound dumbbell on the back corner where the clamps couldn’t reach.
  5. Clean excess glue with damp paper towel.
  6. Allow glue to dry.
  7. Remove clamps
  8. Sand edges *If not aligned, use straight router bit to clean up edge.
  9. Place Slider onto plate and mark holes.
  10. Remover slider and drill holes.
  11. Flip bed deck and over drill holes for T-Nut installation.
  12. Press fit T-nuts
  13. Flip deck over and tighten T-nuts.

Battery tray Install

Given the fact this is a specialized item not everyone will be using  I won’t be covering detailed steps.  Please refer to photos on IG account. It is secured to the deck by T-nuts.


If using Durabak-18, primer is not required. Please check specific paint selection prior to beginning.

  1. Primer top of bed deck and side plates.
  2. After top is dry, flip and primer bottom of deck and side plates.
  3. Repeat as needed.
  4. Apply paint of choice per instructions.


  1. Install L-brackets and side plates.
  2. Install Aircraft track.
  3. Install battery tray. *If applicable.
  4. Place Rubber spacers over bed bolt holes.
  5. Place deck into bed and install bed bolts.
  6. Install fridge slider
  7. Install fridge

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