Where did the name Line 4 come from?

The name Line 4 comes from the 9 Line Medical Evacuation(Medevac) Format used by the U.S. Military and our Allies. Line 4 of the 9 Line is where the Unit requesting Medevac ask for Special Equipment needed to complete the evacuation of the Patient. In this spirit L4EC’s Mission is to provide medical solutions to problems presented to our customers and will apply our knowledge and experience to get you out!

Who can utilize L4EC?

L4EC has something to offer anyone who travels or embraces an outdoor lifestyle! We tailor our planning and resources to fit any customers requirements in locations around the Globe! This can include Companies conducting Media trips or retreats or even a couple who want to try their hand at Overlanding for the first time. Please feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you!

How much does all this cost?

We tailor everything we do to the unique requirements of our clients. Please contact us to find out more.

How can someone contact Line 4?

@line4expeditions on IG


What is your privacy policy regarding clients?

Line 4 will not release any information regarding who we support without expressed permission. We understand that security and privacy requirements will vary from client to client and are prepared to meet them!

Does Line 4 provide guiding services?

We provide guided trips on a limited basis. Please contact us for more info.